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We do what we can!


can advise, develop, design and realize - online and offline - for B2B and B2C. Creative but targeted, witty but serious, attention-grabbing but always with the goal in mind.

IdeenGut Creative Agency

From initial planning to realignment or ongoing business. We develop strategies, ideas and realize projects - online and offline. Depending on the customer's wishes and objectives, we implement them in one or more disciplines. Concept, graphics and editing, web, image and sound or social media - everything is part of the portfolio of our creative agency. Always different, always individual. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes flashy and sometimes subtle. We listen, think along and develop further ... until it simply fits.

We prefer to develop our own projects for our home region. You already know Heimvorteil Harz. It's just as much a baby that we care about passionately as the Halberstadt magazine Martini or the summer and Christmas courtyards in Halberstadt.

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IdeenGut Creative Agency

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You can expect an open-plan office with individualists directly at the Domplatz in Halberstadt, exciting tasks and challenges from the small business around the corner to the large corporation. Relaxed colleagues without dress code and anglicisms in the job title and now and then unforeseen tasks.

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