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kann beraten, entwickeln, gestalten und realisieren – online und offline – für B2B und B2C. Kreativ, aber zielgerichtet, witzig, aber seriös, aufmerksamkeitsstark, aber immer mit dem Ziel im Blick.

Webfuzzi/Concept Clause (m/f/d)

IdeenGut Kreativagentur


Hi there,

we offer here a cute and (relatively) tidy workplace in a (relatively) quiet location. Our agency's house, which is located on the Domplatz in Halberstadt, is largely stable and hardly in need of renovation. We like to say old building substance with flair. The equipment includes, besides large windows and a damp coffee machine, 14 partly sympathetic colleagues ;) Your future workplace with (relatively) modern computer technology and a chair (!) is already waiting for you.


In order for you to integrate well into our living and working community, we expect you to be willing to work independently (and to put away coffee cups) and to be able to work in a team. A degree in "something with media in the web area" is welcome, but not absolutely necessary if you are (a self-taught genius like our colleague Stefan or) do not create your websites with beepworld.

Others also call the job media computer scientist, media designer, social media manager, web designer, web content manager or concept developer, but that was too long for us.


"Where have I landed here?" is something you hear quite often from new colleagues in the first few weeks. You'll have to find out for yourself what that means.

IdeenGut Kreativagentur

IdeenGut Kreativagentur
Domplatz 48
38820 Halberstadt

Katy Löwe
Telefon: 03941 597390