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Multitalent aus dem Mittelstand

RST Gruppe

ist ein mittelständisches, bundesweit aktives Familienunternehmen in der zweiten Generation. Sie hat sich als kompetenter Experte und Anbieter von Komplettlösungen in den Bereichen Altlastensanierung, Flächenrecycling, Ingenieurbau sowie Garten- und Landschaftsbau als zuverlässiger Partner bewiesen.

Dual study civil engineering (m/f/d)

RST Ingenieurbau GmbH


In addition to vocational training, we also offer the opportunity to complete a dual study program at the RST Group. Since August 2013, we have been training three students in dual civil engineering with the aim of employing them as young construction managers after successful completion.

The course of study covers the planning, calculation, execution and supervision of civil engineering structures. The dual bachelor's degree program leads to the first professional university degree as a civil engineer (m/f/d)), additionally enables the acquisition of a fully-fledged construction profession and qualifies students to continue their studies within the framework of master's degree programs. The program comprises 3 semesters of training outside the university and 6 theoretical semesters of study at the university. The university course is modular, the modules have a maximum duration of 2 semesters. The degree is completed with a bachelor thesis at the end of the 9th semester.

The total duration of training is 4.5 years and is divided into two sections:

Section 1:At the beginning, training as a skilled worker takes place. After three years, graduates obtain a degree in a recognized construction trade. Parallel to this, students study civil engineering at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences.

Section 2:After a further 18 months of study (3 semesters), graduates obtain the academic degree of "Bachelor of Engineering".


  • School-leaving qualification: University or technical college entrance qualification
  • Duration of training: 9 semesters (including 3 years of training)
  • Training occupation: Civil engineering specialist (road or sewer construction) or structural engineering specialist (concrete and reinforced concrete constructor) in accordance with training regulations
  • Training locations: Training company, vocational school (Magdeburg), inter-company training (BBZMagdeburg), Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences
  • Interest, energy and personality, technical understanding- dexterity and eye-hand coordination
  • Sense of responsibility and prudence
  • Flexibility, commitment and ability to work in a team


  • a well-trained and motivated team
  • collaboration on interesting projects
  • individual support
  • many opportunities for personal and professional development
RST Ingenieurbau GmbH

RST Ingenieurbau GmbH
Theodor-Fontane-Ring 12
06502 Thale