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from people in the Harz who are passionate about their region and know all the advantages can be found in our short clips.

Returnees and Hereditaries tell their story

In the Harz Mountains, a living space full of opportunities, people find not only breathtaking natural scenery and a rich history, but also a high quality of life that makes everyday life a true pleasure. Numerous returnees and conscious newcomers have chosen to live in the Harz and have written true success stories.

What makes life in the Harz so unique? It's the short distances between places in the region that allow people to get the most out of their day. Whether it's commuting to work, taking the kids to school or exploring the many recreational opportunities, the distances are short in the Harz, which means more time for the essentials and for the things that make us happy. The recreational opportunities in the Harz Mountains are seemingly endless. From hiking and biking trails that wind through majestic forests and along crystal-clear streams to adventurous via ferrata and winter sports opportunities in the snow-covered mountains, everyone will find their own personal source of excitement and balance.

Another advantage of living in the Harz Mountains is the affordable and available housing. Here, people can realize their dream of owning their own home or find attractive rental apartments in picturesque villages. The Harz offers a wide range of housing options to meet individual needs and desires.

In addition to the high quality of life and the diverse recreational opportunities, the Harz is also characterized by its cultural richness. Historic half-timbered towns invite visitors to stroll and linger, while museums and cultural events offer a wide range of artistic and historical experiences. The rich history and vibrant culture of the Harz Mountains make living here a true treasure to be discovered day by day.

Living in the Harz means enjoying the benefits of a unique region - short distances, numerous recreational opportunities, affordable housing and a rich cultural heritage. Returnees and conscious newcomers have chosen the Harz as their home and have become part of a success story. Let the beauty and opportunities of the Harz Mountains inspire you, too, and write your own success story in this extraordinary region!