1025 years and still alive and kicking

This year, the town of Ilsenburg celebrated its town anniversary, which had to be cancelled last year. Of course, the local economy could not be missing.

An enchanting little town in the Harz Mountains with the beautiful Ilse Valley and the entrance to the hike towards the Brocken, many sugar-sweet half-timbered houses around the trout pond, the monastery in Drübeck and warm hosts - that is Ilsenburg. A strong economy in a considerable industrial area, many attractive jobs, companies that play a leading role on the world market and innovative strength - that is Ilsenburg, too. This small town has a lot to offer. On the second weekend in September, the 1025th anniversary was celebrated and tourism was just as much a part of it as business. We were on site and really turned the wheel at our bla bar for local employers. We willpresentsome of thecompaniesin more detail soon, because we visited them and got them into the interview.


All interviews can be found on our >>> Youtube Channel - Playlist 1025 years Ilsenburg<<<