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Great teams with exciting tasks from small craft businesses to large corporations. In the Harz region you will find the job that fulfills you.

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Your professional future in the Harz Mountains: Stay here, discover exciting companies. Return and find new employers. Come here and be surprised by the diversity away from tourism!

For those who already live in the Harz and want to shape their professional future here, there are a variety of opportunities. From established companies in a variety of industries to up-and-coming start-ups, the Harz offers a wide range of job opportunities. Discover companies that develop innovative products, offer local services or are involved in technology and digitalization. Here you can contribute your skills and work on exciting projects together with motivated teams.

Maybe you have your home in the Harz Mountains and are thinking about returning. In that case, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how the Harz has developed. Numerous companies have settled here and offer attractive jobs in various industries. From health care and the metal industry to electronics and hospitality, you'll be impressed by the variety of job opportunities in the Harz Mountains.

And if you simply love the Harz Mountains and want to settle here, you'll be amazed at what the region has to offer beyond tourism. In addition to the well-known sights and picturesque nature, there is a vibrant economy with innovative businesses. From traditional craft businesses to creative service providers and up-and-coming startups, you'll find a wide range of opportunities here to realize your professional goals.

Whether you stay here, return or come here - the Harz region holds career prospects that will inspire you. Discover the variety of companies, get to know exciting employers and shape your professional future in the heart of Germany. The Harz is more than just tourism - a world of opportunities awaits you here!

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Haven't found anything suitable in the Harz yet? No problem, we are happy to help. Write to us at dein@heimvorteil-harz.de and together we will look for an exciting job for you.

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