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More than you think ...

Our Harz!

We are a creative group of determined local patriots who believe in the Harz region and its sustainable economy. Together we bring you closer to companies that are looking for skilled workers, trainees or interns.


The initiators of HEIMVORTEIL:HARZ

More creative than you think

The Harz region has short distances, people know each other and run into each other regularly. That's how we got together and often had the same questions on the table. Why do so many residents travel away for work? Why do schoolchildren and students always get told that they have to go somewhere else to achieve something professionally? Why are Harzers so dissatisfied with what they have here? Why does everyone complain so much? Complaining is not our thing, we prefer to do something! That's how Heimvorteil:Harz was born.


Katy Löwe

Ideengut Creative Agency Halberstadt

Why? "Grumbling doesn't help, you have to tackle something. More than ten years ago we started with our first Anpack projects in the district, until today several have been added. All of them are characterized by one thing: they are from Harzers for Harzers. We are local patriots through and through, we know and love our homeland and want to pass on this feeling to others. Many look to the distance and see only the good there, but overlook the really good right around them. That's why we're tackling it."


Christian Legler

Studio D4 Wernigerode

Why? "I care a lot about the region and I am also extremely proud of my home. I get around a lot in Germany and we are somehow in the heart of the country and live where others go on vacation...If the other companies here in the region are doing well, then we're doing well too..."


Mark Hörstermann

Communication Consultant Quedlinburg

Why? "As the organizer of the Hell of Q triathlon, I was surprised by the creative power and enthusiasm of the people of this region. As a PR consultant, I know how important strategic communication is in achieving goals. With Heimvorteil:Harz, I would like to help harness the great potential here."