More than you think ...

Our Harz!

We are a creative group of determined local patriots who believe in the Harz region and its sustainable economy. Together we bring you closer to companies that are looking for skilled workers, trainees or interns.


The initiators of HEIMVORTEIL:HARZ

More creative than you think

The Harz region has short distances, people know each other and run into each other regularly. That's how we got together and often had the same questions on the table. Why do so many residents travel away for work? Why do schoolchildren and students always get told that they have to go somewhere else to achieve something professionally? Why are Harzers so dissatisfied with what they have here? Why does everyone complain so much? Complaining is not our thing, we prefer to do something! That's how Heimvorteil:Harz was born.

Creative minds for the region

A team full of passion for the Harz Mountains

We are the creative team behind Heimvorteil Harz - an unbeatable cooperation between Studio D4, the event and TV production company from Wernigerode, and Ideengut, the creative agency from Halberstadt. Together we have a mission: to free the Harz from its supposed shadowy existence as a pure tourist destination and to show everyone what this region really has to offer.

We know and love the Harz mountains inside and out. It annoys us when people say there is nothing here but tourism. Because we know that this is simply not true! And that is exactly why we are here, to convince others of this truth. With our expertise in marketing, event management, TV production, advertising and attention-grabbing campaigns, we are committed to highlighting the diversity and strengths of the Harz.

Our collaboration is a true power team that leverages its synergies for the region. With Studio D4, we bring events to life and ensure unforgettable experiences. Ideengut, on the other hand, delivers the creative concepts that excite people and inspire them to action. Together, we are specialists in drawing attention to the Harz Mountains and getting people excited about its possibilities.

We look forward to shining a new light on the Harz with our unique ideas and projects. Join us on this exciting journey and let yourself be carried away by our passion for the Harz.