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The Harz Mountains are not only an incredibly beautiful vacation spot, but even better: You can also live and work here wonderfully. Don't you think so? Well, then come closer and learn more about our powerful economy and soon also about many topics related to life.


Use your home advantage in the Harz Mountains

Welcome to the Harz Mountains - discover your home advantage!

We love the Harz Mountains and know the invaluable advantage they offer us. And you? Have you already discovered all the advantages of our region in central Germany? Here we show you many exciting things that you might not know yet. We introduce you to great companies, share insider tips and present the most attractive jobs and employers.

The Harz region is not only a real strength from a tourist perspective, but is also in an excellent economic position. Everything that makes the home advantage and distinguishes the Harz as a livable working area, you will find on this page. But that's just the beginning - check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter, which will keep you up to date on the latest job offers. Here you will not only find impressive nature and a high quality of life, but also a thriving economy and numerous career opportunities. The Harz Mountains offer you the chance to succeed professionally and live a great life at the same time. Become part of our community and discover the variety of opportunities the region has to offer. Whether you already live in the Harz or are considering a change, we are here to support you.

The right company for everyone

Our Top Employers in the Harz Mountains

The best employers in the Harz region - diversity, quality and opportunities!

The Harz Mountains are not only a paradise for nature lovers and recreation seekers, but also perfect for talented professionals looking for exciting career opportunities. Our region is home to outstanding employers from a variety of industries that offer a wide range of opportunities.

The Harz Mountains offer a unique variety of employers from different industries. Whether you're looking for a job in healthcare, the metal industry, electronics, tourism and hospitality, skilled trades or culture, you'll find exciting prospects and development opportunities here. Discover the best employers in the Harz region and become part of a dynamic and innovative working world. Opportunities, experiences and unique career paths await you here. Be inspired by the variety and quality of jobs in the Harz region and find your dream job in our inspiring region.

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The resin alive and charming

Here are the best events for your future


Berufsmesse Thomas-Mann Schule Dardesheim

Am 12.10.2023 ist es wieder soweit: Wir gehen ins Gespräch mit Schülern der 8.-10. Klassen in der Thomas-Mann Schule in Dardesheim. Die Messe läuft von 9.00 bis 12.00 Uhr und bietet die beste Chance direkt über die Berufschancen in der Harzregion zu sprechen.


Wirtschaftsforum Harz

In diesem Jahr zieht es das renommierte Event nach Halberstadt! Gastgeber ist die BEFER - Betonfertigteilbau- und Betonwaren GmbH in In den langen Stücken 10, 38820 Halberstadt. Am 9. November versammelt sich die Wirtschaft des Harzes unter dem spannenden Motto: "Großinvestition in Halberstadt - Möglichkeiten für den Mittelstand".


Rückkehrertag Harz

Auch in diesem Jahr wollen wir Weggezogene, Pendler oder Umsteiger davon überzeugen, dass der Harz ein tolles Angebot an spannenden Unternehmen und Jobs hat. Alle Jobsuchenden sind herzlich willkommen. Aussteller können sich schon jetzt anmelden

Discover the diversity of the Harz - All events in the region!

The Harz Tourism Association is your guide to all events in the region. Whether traditional festivals, cultural events, sporting challenges or culinary experiences - the Harz offers something for everyone. Get all the details on dates and venues with just one click. Get carried away by concerts, cheer along at sporting events and enjoy the culinary highlights at festivals and markets. The Harz region promises varied experiences and unforgettable moments.
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News from Home Advantage:Harz

We will keep you up to date on all Heimvorteil:Harz activities and our companies in the region.

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May we introduce


Incomer Mirko Härtner

An affordable house in a great landscape, neighbors who welcome you with open arms, the right job with design opportunities and a family that feels just as good: the recipe for personal happiness. Mirko Härtner, site manager at the Überlingen Academy, originally comes from Lübeck and found his happiness in the Harz mountains. He tells us more about it.

Life in the Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains, a region full of surprises, invites you to an unforgettable adventure. Immerse yourself in a world where breathtaking landscapes, historical treasures and fascinating sights are waiting to be discovered by you. Climb the Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany, and enjoy a spectacular view from its summit that will take your breath away. Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the legendary Devil's Wall, one of the longest limestone formations in Europe, and feel the magic in the air. Experience history up close in charming half-timbered towns like Quedlinburg, Wernigerode and Goslar, which impress with their medieval architecture and unique flair. Stroll through the narrow streets, discover lovingly restored buildings and immerse yourself in times gone by.

The Harz Mountains also offer a wealth of outdoor activities for the adventurous. Explore the extensive network of hiking trails and experience unspoiled nature, idyllic valleys and bubbling waterfalls. Zip through dense forests and over challenging trails on a mountain bike, or explore the region on horseback. For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, idyllic lakes and rivers beckon you to linger and relax. Enjoy a boat ride on the sparkling waters of the Oker Reservoir or unwind on the shores of the crystal clear Oderteich. All this awaits you in the Harz Mountains not only on vacation, because here you can live where others go on vacation. Discover more about the habitat in Central Germany.


Your new apartment

At the moment we offer a small selection of available apartments. The best thing about it? The real Harz feeling right at your doorstep! And this is just the beginning. Our range of apartments is constantly being expanded. If you don't find what you are looking for right away, don't hesitate to contact us directly. We will help you find your place in the Harz!

Frisch renovierte 3 Raum-Wohnung

Frisch renovierte 3 Raum-Wohnung

Wohnung | Derenburg | Gartenstrasse 17b , 38895 Blankenburg-Derenburg, 2.OG | 3-Raum-Wohnung Zimmer | 57,40 qm | Kaltmiete: 330,00 € | Warmmiete: 500,00 €

Freundliche 3-Raum-Wohnung mit Balkon zu vermieten!

Freundliche 3-Raum-Wohnung mit Balkon zu vermieten!

Wohnung | Stadtrand | Hasselfelder Straße 24 , 38889 Blankenburg, 3.OG | 3-Raum-Wohnung Zimmer | 63,82 qm | Kaltmiete: 360,00 € | Warmmiete: 530,00 €

Attraktive 3 Raum-Wohnung

Attraktive 3 Raum-Wohnung

Wohnung | Derenburg | Bleichstr. 51 , 38895 Blankenburg-Derenburg, DG | 2-Raum-Wohnung Zimmer | 58,13 qm | Kaltmiete: 295,00 € | Warmmiete: 451,29 €

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"Being able to go out into the countryside at any time and take time out. That's true luxury, which I find everywhere here."

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